10+ years of industry experience

12+ years of domain experience

21+ lac sq.ft of product marketing experience

8 lacs to 5 crs worth product planning experience

4000+ crs of collection experience

5000+ customer handling experiences

Exclusive Team

Once you join your hands with us, our first step is to appoint an exclusive Team for you and your product. Experienced and aspiring candidates are employed; they will be trained by our experts and allotted exclusively to sell your product. A delivery Manager and executives (based on size of the project) are appointed and they are continuously supported by our core team.
Extra Leads

Our In house advertising agency and the professionals from the media and advertising industry, analyzes all about your product on customer perception. They develop attractive and effective communication to attack the proper target group of your product. We find out all possible ways from Mobile to Mass medium to reach out to the customers and we never ignore any routes. Every single lead is well treated, followed and measured both technologically and with human care.

Efficient Sale

Selling is a major crux of our work mode. We keep our efforts on each and every stage of selling processes like lead generation; follow ups, Conversions, Legal procedures up to money collection and handing over. So, we dare to assure a consistent sale for you.
Exceptional CRM

We are technologically well equipped such that we are capable to have an in-depth relationship with our customers around 365 days a year. Impression from every individual customer is measured and it gets instantly updated to our ERP system and it is transparent for your eyes immediately at any time.
Ensured Delivery

We are there by your side to change it all, but in a targeted time limit. We strongly believe in fruit after starving is useless. We keep our promise to deliver a product to our customers and results to you on time.
Enhanced Branding

We search, plan, execute, along with you, on behalf of you and also in your own brand name .Everything will be made on your own brand and we like to be a silent partner to make your brand to sound better.