marketing plan
Marketing Plan
lead generation
Lead Generation
sales conversion
Sales Conversion
customer care
Customer Care
collection process
Collection Process
handing over
Handing Over


The company and Realitindia mutually agree on the selling pattern and the price to be realised for the project.

1. Builder's objective
2. Competitive comparison ?
3. Customer perception and requirement

1. USP of the product
2. Target group of customers
3. Selling pattern and size of sales team
(a monthly sales projection)
4. Pricing and payment schedule

1. Appointment of qualified sales team
2. Identifying sales team requirements
3. Setting up the site visit process
4. Systematic payment collection process
5. Construction process

1. Training the sales team
2. Developing Sales collaterals
3. Preparing the site for launch
4. Finalizing marketing communication
5. Finalizing offline and online media
for lead generation

1. Execution of advertising and media plan
2. Lead generation for effective sales process
3. Recording generated leads by means of technology
4. Managing overall performance on leads, site visits, and team performance